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Y’all Ungrateful Boston Fans

What’s good fam! Trey Fraser here, actually typing this blog on the official Wix App for the first time ever (thanks to Maestro for the advice).

So normally we don’t talk hockey around the BSTP unless it’s Capitals, but I thought I‘d check out Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs between the St. Louis Blues and the Boston Bruins with Boston hosting the game. And as I wonder if Boston ends up winning this, it would be the 3rd title for the city within a 8-9 month span (Red Sox won WS in Oct 2018 and the Pats won SB53 in Feb 2019). So of course me hating Boston and it’s sports teams and fans, I’m rooting for the Lou to win the cup. And as it turns out, the Blues are blowing out the Bruins at home 4-0 and have basically clinched their first title in franchise history. Congrats to the St. Louis Blues for doing this! Maybe Nelly will come out of retirement and drop a mixtape or something.

But enough of that, this is about two things: 1) Seeing Boston get it’s doors blown off in a close out game and not having a parade. 2) I’ve noticed over the last few months that Boston sports fans are getting caught on camera fighting each other. For what? I have no idea. Since 2001 they’ve only had 6 Super Bowl trophies, 4 World Series titles, and 1 of each NBA and NHL chip. Oh and they’ve had 6 additional trips to the championship rounds. What’s to fight each other about?

If y‘all don’t believe me, check out Patriots fans on the streets during the Super Bowl throwing it down.

Then here below at the Stanley Cup Finals, these Bruins fans going at each other in the nosebleeds.

Listen, man. On average y’all have a team in the championship every year. Stop doing this to yourselves and for once be classy when your team wins or loses.

And let’s be clear here. Since there’s all these other narratives about other towns’ fanbases having a bad rep, I wanna make sure that I highlight Boston fans who act just about similar as others in the same energy! I don’t feel sorry for your fanbase, Beantown. I don‘t feel sorry that your hockey team choked in a Game 7 at home to a first-year goalie. You have the recent past glory moments to reflect on. Hahahahahah. Nothing better than seeing y’all lose!



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