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Welcome to Our New Website

What's good my people? Trey Fraser here and it's been a minute since I've b

een on these blogs. But I got good reason. We've been working on this website for quite sometime, and finally, we're excited about launching our new website. Here's some brief changes to what we're doing moving forward:

1) The blog site is officially located on our website and is no longer on WordPress.

2) Our live and on-demand episodes are all on our homepage of the website.

3) We're looking to get closer to our fans by implementing an email subscription list. I'll explain on the podcast.

4) All videos of our shows will be on the website.

5) We got weekly poll questions for y'all.

So as I'm writing this, I'm thinking about how this was the perfect time to launch this website at the beginning of April where the NBA playoffs are gonna start in two weeks, the MLB season just started, the NFL draft will be poppin' later in the month, and a champion for the National Championship Game for Men's college ball will be determined. (NHL if you like that, for you hockey fans out there that listen to our podcast, will get the playoffs started too).

All this means is that me and Maestro should AND will be blogging every week. And with the amount of sports going on this month, there should be no excuse for slipping the way we've been in the past. What a way to kick things off!

Enjoy the website!

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