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Trey’s Thoughts On NFL Week 10

What’s good everyone? Let me first say that we appreciate everyone and the support that has tuned in to us on Facebook Live and Instagram Live during the NFL season. We hope to be back doing our live podcasts real soon!

I thought I’d use this time to reflect on the football games from Week 10 in the NFL. We’re just a little over the halfway point of the season and things are heating up in the division and wild card races for the playoffs. Also, MVP discussions are always fun. So just to keep it short, here’s my Top 5 things I’ve taken from NFL Week 10:

1) LAMAR CONTINUES TO BE A BAD BROTHA: Another great performance from the Ravens QB as he dominated not just the Bengals, but highlight reels as well. He threw 3 TDs, ran for a TD, broke some Bengals’ ankles in the process, and was lookin mad cool on sidelines with the shades on like it’s nothing!

2) COACHING MAD STUPID: I gotta call out a couple coaches from Sunday’s games that made decisions that cost their teams W’s. Let me get at Sean McDermott from the Bills as his team went down in Cleveland 19-16. It’s the 4th quarter with the Bills down 3 in Cleveland territory and under a minute left in the game. It’s 4th and 4 and the offense is about to run a play, then the coach calls TO and decides to put his kicker, whom had missed his last 4 FGs from 50+ yards and had missed one earlier in the game, out to try, yes, a FG from 50+ yards. Obviously he missed the kick, game over! Two things: a) the Bills basically said, “Josh Allen, we don’t trust you”. And two, if it’s me, I’m no doubt going for it on 4th down. Can’t trust the kicker based on the stat I laid out there about the Bills kicker unless we’re closer in FG range. That decision made to put the kicker out there vs trusting their QB could be a turning point in the Bills season.

And then there’s Sean McVay, LA Rams head coach. Against the Steelers, they lost 17-12 on a day where the Rams offense couldn’t get in the end zone all day. So it’s the second to last drive for the Rams and they’re in PIT territory and in FG range. They had all their TOs. After not converting the 3rd down, they go for it on 4th down and don’t convert. Why not kick the FG and cut the Steelers lead to 2 points, then give the Steelers the ball and use up the TOs to stop the clock and get PIT off the field and have enough time to drive down for a GW FG to win by 1 point? The Rams clearly weren’t gonna score a TD at any point in the game, but one thing for certain was the Rams could move the ball. I thought they were too stuck on “We gotta get a TD”, when they could‘ve used the last two possessions to get FGs to go up by 1 and win the game. Sorry, McVay, you gotta get smoke for that decision.

3) WOW! THE RAIDERS ACTUALLY CAN MAKE THE PLAYOFFS, MAYBE DIVISION TITLE?: After the Raiders win over the Chargers on Thursday night, the reality for the Raiders had set it. They’re 5-4 with games against the Bengals and the Jets coming up. They should be 7-4 going into Kansas City, who dropped a game to the Titans to be now 6-4. AFC West race is now interesting!

4) MY MVP CANDIDATES HAS CHANGED AFTER WATCHING WEEK 10 GAMES: My list from last week as I announced on FB Live was Lamar Jackson, Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson, Aaron Rodgers, and Dalvin Cook. Allow me to change that up for this week and I know this isn’t a popular take, I’ll take Deshaun Watson off the list since he had a bye this past week and I will acknowledge that Minkah Fitzpatrick has quite been valuable for the Steelers since being traded there. 5 INT’s, 1 forced fumble, a pick-6, and a fumble recovery. Plus his team is 5-2 and on a 4-game winning streak since arriving to Pittsburgh. Minkah Fitzpatrick for now is in my Top 5 MVP candidates. Pains me to say that as a Ravens fan.

5) I STILL BELIEVE IN THE EAGLES: Yeah the Eagles has the week off, but this is about what’s happening to the Dallas Cowboys after the fell at home to the Vikings 28-24. Both Dallas and Philly are now tied for the NFC East lead at 5-4 and if I’m a betting man, I bet that the Eagles, which was my preseason pick to win the East, beats the Cowboys out for the division. Historically when the Cowboys toy around with the slim lead of the divisio, they end up blowing it. I could see this happening again to them.

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