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Trey's NFL Week 17 Picks

Trey Fraser here back at it again!

It's Week 17 in the 2018 NFL season and so much is at stake. Here's what's up for grabs:

1) AFC North Crown - As you know, me and Maestro are rivals in this division. I always said after the Ravens were 4-5, that another disappointing season of no playoff football was coming. But, but, a collapse by the Steelers combined with a 5-1 record with Lamar Jackson has the Ravens in the driver's seat. Will this year be different than last year's result? I hope so, but that's why the game is played.

2) No.1 seed in the AFC - Chiefs, Chargers, or Patriots can get the top spot.

3) AFC West Crown - Whoever comes out on top between LA and KC, will have everything go thru their stadium.

4) AFC South Crown - Amazing that either the Texans, Colts, or Titans can win this thing.

5) No.6 seed in the AFC - Colts vs Titans is for this spot, unless the Texans choke against Blake Bortles, then the winner here could get the South. Loser goes on vacation.

6) Final wild card spot in NFC - It'll be either the Vikings or the Eagles with Foles again. If i'm Chicago, I'm letting the Vikings beat me so they can come to the cold, frigid confines of Soldier Field. Not sure the Bears want smoke with a hot Nick Foles.


Bills over Dolphins

Patriots over Jets

Packers over Lions

Saints over Panthers

Bucs over Falcons

Cowboys over Giants

Texans over Jaguars

Ravens over Browns

Eagles over Redskins

Chiefs over Raiders

Vikings over Bears

Steelers over Bengals

Chargers over Broncos

Rams over 49ers

Seahawks over Cardinals

Colts over Titans

Enjoy Week 17 y'all!

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