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Trey’s 2019 Sports Wrap-Up

by Trey Fraser

It’s about 2 1/2 hours left until we get rid of 2019 and bring in 2020! What’s good family? Hopefully everyone has enjoyed their Xmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukka, or whatever it is that you celebrate! My holiday was dope as usual. Family time, gifts, travel, and playoff football approaching makes this time of year exciting!

So as we bring 2019 to a chill, I wanted to share with y’all my Top 10 Sports Moments of 2019. For some suspense, I‘ll start from 10 all the way to 1.

10. The Birth and Death of the AAF Football League.

I actually gave this league a chance to interest me post Super Bowl. The first couple weeks was cool. You could actually hit the quarterback and knock him to the ground and the refs threw less flags than in the NFL. I can't front though, I lost interest after the NBA All-Star break and it was business as usual: March Madness and NBA Playoff races. Not only did the AAF lose interest, but it ended up losing dollars and even before they can get to the their postseason, they went bankrupt, and that's all she wrote. R.I.P. AAF.

9. Ruiz Upsets Joshua

Probably the upset of the year. I felt great for Andy Ruiz Jr to get that notoriety after knocking out Anthony Joshua, but on the flip side, I was pissed because Joshua talked all this smack about a potential Joshua vs Wilder fight, and then he goes out and does this. Even though I know in my heart of hearts Wilder was gonna give him that smoke, the anticipation of Joshua going against Wilder was huge. Maestro told me the other day he and Ruiz were good friends, but damn all that. Wilder vs Joshua should've happened this year and he messed all that up.

8. This Renaissance of DC Sports Continuing to Be Great

After the Capitals won their first Stanley Cup and broke the DC Sports curse of 20 years without a conference title round apperance and 26 years without a chip in DC, suddenly a year later, the Nationals and WNBA's Mystics hoist chaampionship trophies in the District, making it three professional titles in a 15-16 month span. While DC sports fans are hyped (and they should be), many are still claiming DC to still be a Redskins town (which I understand). I get the feeling a lot of people are upset around town that the Redskins instead of the Capitals should've broke the DC Sports curse. That the Redskins winning a chip is a bigger deal than the Nats, Caps, and Mystics combined (which I believe). Sorry Redskins fans, your football team is dysfunctional and probably won't win anything anytime soon. So enjoy these well-run organizations and championship moments while you can, cause they may not come often.

7. Tiger Finally Wins a Major After Falling Off For So Long

Shoutout to the homie Tiger Woods on finally breaking through with another major victory at the Masters in April after not winning one for it feels like forever. For once again, golf got eyes glued to the TV again because of Tiger. Golf and Tiger won big in the end.

6. The Year of First Chips Ever

So as a forever NY Knicks fan, I'm jealous right now because I'm seeing all of the teams win their 1st titles in their franchise's history, and the Knicks during my lifetime can't even get one. Shoutout to these teams finally getting their 1st chips. Each team had their own challenges to getting them. The UVA Men's basketball team copped theirs after being upset the previous year in the tourney by No.16 UMBC. The NHL's St. Louis Blues were dead last in their division midway through the season before getting hot at the right time and taking out Boston (love that) in 7 in the Finals. The Raptors in the NBA couldn't get past LeBron all those years until he left the conference, then Kawhi comes in, gets them over the top, and Drake drops a mixtape. The Mystics were in the Finals again after losing last year and lost Elena Delle Donne for a game and a half in this year's Finals, but prevailed in the end. And finally the Nationals, after being 9 games under .500 in the beginning of the season got their act together and went on a run that saw Strasburg pitch like his life was on the line. Congrats to y'all, but I'm still jealous as a Knicks fan.

5. Dame Dolla Forces the Breakup of the Thunder

YES! I'm of course referring to Damian Lillards buzzer beater in Game 5 to knock the OKC Thunder out of the playoffs, but to me it's more than just the shot. That shot basically sealed the fate of what was left of the Thunder's 2010-2019 run as they decided to trade away Paul George and Russell Westbrook. It's crazy to think a year ago they was celebrating with Nas on PG-13's new contract with the team. Back to Dame's shot, it was epic, it was bad defense by PG-13, it was throat-cutting, and he told them OKC niggas, "Get off my court"!

4. Kaepernick Beats the NFL at its Own Game

Once we heard Kaepernick was getting a workout from the NFL, we knew there was something suspect about it. Just the way the league laid down the stipulations: no WRs he could pick, had to use the WRs the NFL had, the waiver in which he'd be giving up rights, the location, no media, etc. But once Kaep and his peoples knew what was up, they changed locations, got to workout with HIS wn WRs, had his own media there, and basically set the terms on his own merit. Obviously there was a mixture of reaction from fans, media, and folks like myself. I'll state again, if both parties could compromise, I wouldn't have had a problem with that, but the problem is and always will be they both don't trust each other and both don't have the same vision. The point I really want to make in all of this is that you should stand firmy for what you believe in, no matter what. And Colin did just that.

3. The Kawhi Buzzer Beater

Now this is a shot I can talk about without having to talk other implications. This was no doubt the shot of the year. Kawhi runs to the corner, throws it up over a 7-foot Joel Embiid, hits the rim once, then the backboard, then a couple more rim bounces, finally in the net, and Jurassic Park goes bananas! That shot by Kawhi will forever be legendary, even to the point that they had to create murals and T-shirts of him squatting at the baseline wth folks around him watching that shot develop!

2. Black Quarterback Magic

I can't honestly say I've seen this many black starting quarterbacks in one regular season like we've seen n 2019. Let me break it down: Lamar Jackson, Pat Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Dak Prescott, Russell Wilson, Jameis Winston, Jacoby Brissett, Kyler Murray, Cam Newton, Marcus Mariota, Dwayne Haskins, and Teddy Bridgewater. That's 12 guys I named. For about a fews weeks of the season, the top rated passers were black. That's some black quarterback magic right there. And some of these guys even at the end of this season have been rated high passers. While some of the guys on on the list didn't play all 16 games or was benched, this is great for the game and I hope these guys have long sustained careers!

1. The Rise of Lamar Jackson

Of course I'm a die-hard Ravens fan, so I'm gonna have my guy Lamar Jackson as the No.1 sports moment in 2019. I knew this guy would improve from the second half of 2018. I knew this guy had the ability to throw the football. I knew this guy could minimize his fumbles and protect the football a lot better. But never in my wildest dreams did I see him being the clear cut NFL MVP of 2019. He's been breaking dudes' ankles all season long with his running ability along with his crisp throws and hot reads. 36 TD's to 6 INT's is a record for any Ravens' QB in history. The one thing that can get this new year 2020 off right, is Lamar Jackson sealing his MVP season with a Super Bowl 54 MVP in February!

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