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The LeBron Effect Strikes Again

by Trey Fraser

First off, let me say Happy Fathers Day to all the true dads out there putting in true work.

And as I sit here on a Saturday night back in NYC for the weekend, the news about Anthony Davis being traded to the LA Lakers for Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, and 3 first round picks including this year’s No.4 pick broke ground. Some say the compensation is too much for AD, others will go the route of “the West is wide open now that KD and Klay won’t play in 2019-2020”.

Me personally, I thought LA could’ve waited until AD became a free agent and not give anything away. I mean, he clearly stated he wanted to play for the Lakers, so why would the Lakers budge? Especially since I felt like the Knicks and the Celtics weren’t real threats to cop his services. But I understand why. As I said before, the West, and really the entire league is mad open for about 10 teams to win the chip.

I can’t help but say that LeBron James, again is making things happen behind the scenes. I know, I know, he’s not the official GM, but over the years, I feel like the teams he’s been on have made moves that tie to him and his business style acumen. For example, when the Big 3 in Miami formed, it was no coincidence that him, Wade, and Bosh aligned their contracts to expire in 2010 to join forces the same offseason. Or when he wrote that long essay about his return to Cleveland and named everyone and they mama he was joining with but Andrew Wiggins, who was the Cavs No.1 pick that year and predictably got traded for K Love. Then a couple months ago, LeBron’s old coach Ty Lue gets an interview with the Lakers, only for Jeanie and Rob to screw it up.

Now think about this. AD’s agent Rich Paul is LeBron‘s ace boon koon, so Rich gonna make sure he helps out his homie. Then on top of that, the Pelicans hire GM David Griffin, who was the GM in Cleveland while LeBron was there. Again, Griffin and LeBron are close enough that “hey, you do a thing for me, I’ll do a thing for you”. Any reason to not believe LeBron pushed for Griffin to get the Pelicans job knowing AD wanted out of there and he could pull off the trade? Maybe. It’s a good conspiracy theory for some to have.

I anticipate that the Lakers aren’t done making deals, especially after trading all those assets. Sounds like 1-year deals are coming. I sense some former Cavs will join that roster. Paging JR, Tristan, K Love!


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