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The Drake Effect

What’s up y’all, Maestro Styles from the Barbershop Sports Talk Podcast which is live every Tuesday at 7pm on barbershopsportstalkpodcast.com and available wherever you listen to podcast. Yesterday, the Raptors beat the Bucks 100-94 and won the series 4-2 to advance to the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors which will start on Thursday. The Raptors won 4 in a row after being down 0-2 early. There are so many things we can talk about in the how this series played out. Kawhi Leonard who is a grown ass man, or how the bench has played. The defensive scheme implemented against Giannis, or how the Bucks have obviously proven they didn’t have enough to win the series or get to the finals. But me, I’m more of a b side type of guy and I won’t say the Drake and Jurassic Park is the reason the Toronto Raptors are going to the finals to lose (just my opinion) but I will say that Drake Effect as I call is the perfect cherry on top to a great story season for the Raptors win or lose in the finals. I’ll tell you why!!

I’m not from New York or LA I‘m damn sure not a Lakers or Knicks fan. But when I remember games from 90s and 2000s when those teams had runs not necessarily rings for the Knicks in these teams I think about the Spike Lee/Reggie Miller moment or how not Lakers broadcast goes by without noting Jack Nicholson is in the building and holding weight in my mind like if these cats coming to the games then these teams are serious. That’s one of the few things that the NBA has over NFL you can see who’s there and they can be up close to the action. I mean like so close to the game they can steal the stat sheet (🤣 Y’all get it? **blank stare**). When has there ever been such a huge star to so actively support their team? And have a role in the teams operation so to speak? Watch when I tell you that this is gonna be a practice for teams in the future giving celebrities because it’s great for fans. And God forbid the Toronto Raptors win the chip, sheesh!!!

So here comes Drake, and to be clear Drake has attended games and has had this role for a few years as I recall. But doesn't this year seem different? Can’t some of Y’ALL see the Raptors actually pulling this off? KD is out with no timetable for return, Cousins coming back but we haven’t really seen him play all year if you really wanna talk about it. Next week when we talk about the finals I wouldn’t argue with y'all listeners who don’t wanna see the Warriors 3 peat. This seems like a storybook year for Raptors. Where the 6 god has most of the stories off the court the shoulder rub, the hoodies, the airplane, them damn fire ass bone snakeskin Jordan 11s not lows!!! I mean it to the point where a Buck owner was at a game wearing a Pusha T shirt which was a great idea by the way but lady we don’t know you and you are white!! Stop faking like somebody in your staff didn’t come to you like “ooh, wear this” hell I wouldn’t be surprised if Push sent it to her lol.

Greek Freak MVP candidate out here shooting air ball free throws, getting dunked on and shit and his favorite artist probably laughing at him. I mean like that whole team probably got Drizzy in their top 5, the only thing worser (it’s a word to me!!) was if Kendrick was coming to games as the locker room‘s top 5 cause he write all his rhymes lol 🔫. I’m sure on the court and in basketball situations, players don’t really pay attention to what Drake is doing but for the couple seconds walking to the bench in timeouts watching Drake lead the charge of fans cheering against you like you at a concert that you can’t be apart of gotta do something in the respect of competitive advantage. I mean I really feel like Drake could go to Milwaukee and concert Bucks fans to Raptor fans. And the only line of defense the Bucks got is Ja Rule on 90s night.

Finally, to my Wizards I know we in a downtime but this is the perfect time to find the brand ambassador who is going to make games and act a fool like Drake did. I know that person won’t be as popular but we’ll work on that and my personal recommendation is ME!!!!

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