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Retire All Damn Ready

What’s going on, Maestro Styles here and In between driving shifts from ATL going back to the DMV figured this would be a good time to write a blog. Make sure y’all tune into the Barbershop Sports Talk Podcast this Tuesday at 7pm on barbershopsportstalkpodcast.com.

So of course last night the Patriots defeat the Rams 13-3 in the Super Bowl. Tom Brady passes Charles Haley as player with the most rings. He’s the oldest starting QB to win a ring blah blah blah. Belichick what else needs to be said. I mean they are now calling Julian Edelman a Hall of Famer, FOH!!!! I just wanna be clear on my stance, All the New England Patriots can kiss my ass!!!! As a Steelers fans I wish nothing but terrible things for this Patriots franchise. I mean fuck what else y’all need to do. 6 rings in 19 years damn near complete domination of the AFC and for certain the AFC East. I’m sick of it!!!

If you were expecting a deep dive into their lil punk ass dynasty, this ain’t that. Sean McVay you can also kick rocks, you wet the bed and you young so it ain’t the end of the world but damnit man this is what you do. You on my shit list which means from now on I’m sleeping on your squad. Just know you getting shade anytime somebody speaks about you being a good coach. I think you good but right now I’m not feeling sending positive energy your way or your organization way. Cooks you to slim, 2 catches you needed to make in those moments don’t care about circumstance or nothing. Lost points with me man. Gurley this was the time to lose your temper bruh. I mean WTF 10 carries you just gonna rock with that you best player on this team. And Goff you gotta get it to. You got exposed you ain’t all that without a running game in fact you booty cheeks. You can’t be in the top 10 QB convo with this performance. Not to me

Im saying all this to say, Patriots I hate you!!!! Brady and Belichick y’all need to just quit. Fuck what else you got to prove. Yall are the GOAT at cheating. I don’t care I’m not showing y’all no respect or love until y’all retire. Go to HELL!!!

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