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Prayers Up For Josh Gordon

Happy holidays everyone!! Trey here in the building! Since me and Maestro won’t be doing another show until Tuesday, Jan 8th, I’d thought I’d give you some content during our holiday break to keep you and our fans engaged.

This has been on my mind over the last couple weeks in the light of Patriots WR Josh Gordon’s departure from the team due to a possible suspension and his ongoing dealings with substance abuse.

First off, let me say much respect and well wishes to Josh Gordon in whatever he’s dealing with and the hope that he can find some consistency in fighting the fight. Usually when these stories or topics come up, there’s always conversation revolving around the individual dealing with the struggle, and rightfully so. 

What sometimes get lost in all of this is nobody rarely discusses the “support system” or the “circle” around the individual. And the reason I bring this up is because I’m dealing with this same issue within my family as a member of the support system. My family on both sides has had a history of drug and alcohol abuse, so I’m very close to what it feels like when sometimes you may enable a person’s weakness and don’t even know you’re being an enabler. Trust me, I’ve been guilty of enabling one’s addiction.

Let me be clear: it’s the responsibility of the individual to get themselves on the right track and maintain their road to recovery. At the same time though, it’s our responsibility as members of the support system to not enable them to their addiction(s). Now I’m not suggesting that we change our lifestyles entirely for them, but if we truly care, we’d help create an environment that will exclude things that can lead to setbacks. It’s like what one of my family members told me last week: it’s about people, places, and things. And sometimes victims have to change those things around them for them to better deal with their struggle, even if it means they can’t hang out like y’all once did or go to the same establishments as y’all once did. The relationships will always be there, but the moments may be sacrificed for the betterment of all.

I hope that whoever Josh Gordon’s “circle” or “support system” is, that they aren’t enabling his substance abuse. I hope that Josh Gordon himself, will continue to fight the fight and help himself get well soon!!!

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