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Prayers For KD

What’s good, Maestro Styles of BSTP. With all the events of the finals, this is definitely a downer. Kevin Durant makes his return to the Golden State Warriors lineup in game 5 with the team down 3-1 facing elimination. The story is setup in storybook fashion for KD to shine like the all star he is, bring the team back win the finals and ride off into the sunset of free agency. Where he is gonna be paid handsomely. Instead, he suffers a terrible injury after giving his team the spark needed to defeat the Raptors 106-105 to bring the series to 3-2.

So, in my social media stalking this morning. There’s been a lot of conversation about the injury and should he have even come back to play. Furthermore, people placing blame on people involved on the decision for KD to play. I've seen people blame the basketball operations guy with those fake tears, people blaming doctors for misdiagnosing, and even KD for not taking his future serious. In this post I will attempt to break all of this down with my expert analysis and of course what we do best here, absolute speculation.

So before we begin lets start with you fans, who mad. Friday night y’all was rushing KD back saying he's the only way the Warriors got a shot. He rushes back, y'all are happy all the way until the point of his injury. And now, he shouldn’t have never did it. Come on y’all, what happened to KD is unfortunate but if it had never happened and he would’ve said I’m not 100% would y’all say well ok sit down? What if he dropped 35, 9, and 8 last night I’m a win at I don’t know 75%? Would y’all been so concerned with his health and future then? Probably not. I think right now fans tryna place blame should on really anybody other than God’s plan should take a step back. This man‘s livelihood is at stake right now giving y’all what y’all been asking for since game 3. But, y’all wanna play the blame game so here we go.

Bob Myers, aye bruh we don’t need your fake ass tears and speech about how KD just wanna play ball and he misunderstood and all that. Tell us that he tore his achilles and it’s unfortunate and move on. It’s like PR wise he obviously knew there would be backlash of the sorts of “Why did y’all make him play?” And the whole he just wanted to play narrative FOH!!! You wanted him to play and you took that risk to help avoid losing game 5 and guess what you got it. Now hold this game 6 loss down in front of your fans. Go head and get your tears and story together. Get ready to hear the question, “Do you regret KD playing?” over and over again.

Doctors, y’all got it right it was a calf sprain I truly believe that. Achilles ain’t no injury where you putting up the production KD did in the short time on no torn achilles. I think the doctors are the least to blame if blame needed to be passed. All parties involved took the information given and made decisions like all sports organizations do. They just made the wrong decision this time. Doctors, I would think tell them in this case hey this calf is sprained and he shouldn’t play then they asked well how can we get him into playing shape. This is the NBA finals, big business KD need to be part of that. And the doctors did what I assume doctors do in those circles, put a band aid on the wound and he worked on getting into game shape. For a moment, we all thought the unsung heroes got him right for the storybook ending. Well, here we are The End!!!

KD, man I hate this happened to him and pray for his speedy recovery. He ultimately made a choice to play for whatever his reasons were. Only thing you can say is shit happens! KD for every story I’ve ever heard about him off the court is him playing basketball. Little bit of philanthropy, and the white girl rumors. This dude more than anybody I can think of in the NBA just likes to play ball. He’s marketed that way. So if I’m to believe that narrative, I can certainly believe that he rushed back, maybe overlooked some symptoms and pain that he could handle in order to play and help get that 3peat. Another thought, if we believe that KD is sensitive to social media he hearing it, it’s possible he wanted to come back to keep haters quiet. You know there are trolls in the background waiting to be like he didn’t care about the team, or he wanted to let the team know that they needed him and that’s why he didn’t comeback. Lastly, I would think anybody in his position has a vision as a business man you understand stock. KD coming on balling and winning his 3rd ring in the midst of all this does nothing but up the stock for him in free agency and would certainly add to his legacy win or lose especially if he balled. I’ll say again prayers for KD! 🙏🏾

In closing, as I was writing this post a video came across my desk aka my cell phone lol of Isiah Thomas and Grant Hill reacting to this injury. To paraphrase they said KD’s ACL was gonna break one way or the other and that as a sprain it would not ever heal properly. I contest that KD possibly made the best decision for himself by getting into game shape best he could and playing. If nobody knew when the ACL was gonna tear but it needed to in order to heal. That’s another notch on the belt winning the chip at not 100%. KD speedy recovery and though you won’t come to the Wizards, you still my favorite player.

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