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One Time For The Culture!!

What’s good, Maestro from BSTP and your boy is in his blog bag with the podcast on vacay!!! So many good things to discuss while we been out but this just simply couldn’t wait until we back. This topic ladies and gentlemen is for the culture. This is the win we celebrate whenever we get it. All the celebration songs you can think of for a black teen get some sort of win for being poorly treated by a racist. So many songs in my head right now.

So so a few weeks ago, a high school wrestler in Jersey Andrew Jackson was forced by referee John Maloney or as I will address him Mario for this blog to cut his dreads pre match or forfeit in what I understand to be an important match. Andrew Jackson with tears in his eyes agreed and won said match. Jackson has wrestled in previous matches with his dreads covered with no issue and all of a sudden here come “Mario” with the bullshit. It’s important to know that Mario has been in prior situations where he let his racist rhetoric go so in my mind aint discussion about whether he made this call out of a misinterpretation of the rule book or he just racist. Also, the fact that Johnson had wrestled before throws any other argument out the window.

Thank God, for social media in situations like this where this injustice can now gain the recognition it deserves. The district did and “investigation” and rules that Mario will not be allowed to judge anymore matches in the area. For that my people we should celebrate that our voices are heard and if we keep pressure on people for the issues that mean something we can get somethings done around here.

Lastly, what would be dope. Mario should be banned from wrestling period. I hope he loved wrestling so much that this makes have to re-evaluate his morals. I hope that he hits rock bottom in order to say that’s what my bullshit behavior got me and he switches it up. For the culture people these are the types of things that need to not only happen but be highlighted and put on blast. Where Mario get looked at crazy in social settings, when he find out that some of those people he thought was his friends turn on him. Where the area he works turn their back. I think then would be the start of something good.

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