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Man aww man!!! Maestro Styles of Barbershop Sports Talk Podcast (every Tuesday at 7pm live on barbershopsportstalkpodcast.com) with the quick 1,2. What a time to be alive for fat people like myself. All I hear about is be healthy this and I’m a vegan that. And you know what it’s nice to know the fat people can have their moment. Well to all my people who don’t know how to say no to that late night burger. The people that don’t know a damn thang about calorie counting. My people who get tired after 2 flights of steps or see color spots after bending over to tie your shoes. You can be the HEAVYweight champion and I personally wanna thank Anthony Ruiz Jr.

Last Saturday, Anthony Ruiz Jr shocked the world defeating Anthony Joshua by TKO in the 7th round. In a fight where I don’t think anybody saw Ruiz winning. I know there were people saying that Ruiz was a good fighter but the overall consensus was that Joshua would take this fight in dominating fashion leading up to a fight against Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder. This fight from the beginning played out very differently with Joshua feeling out Ruiz in the first 2 rounds and then knocking Ruiz down cleanly in the 3rd. The type of knock at first glance you would think Ruiz would’ve stayed down. Most probably thinking he just wasn’t ready for prime time. But the fat boy got up!!!

You would've thought Joshua was stopping Ruiz meal this fat motherfucker Ruiz started wrecking. He threw every punch his refrigerator shaped body could throw in the 3rd round. Like the meme gone viral all Sunday, Joshua soul left the ring. The sorcerer supreme Ruiz hit Anthony Joshua with the astral projection and Joshua soul went home back to the UK. The only thing and I mean the only thing that kept Joshua in the fight 4 more rounds was Ruiz being fat. But you know what, the damage was done and Joshua had clocked out. Being dropped 2 more times the ref called it.

Now, let me tell y’all why I am no longer a fan of Anthony Joshua. It’s one thing to come to the US and come to New York, Wilder’s home ring even though he from Alabama and not fight him strike one. Strike 2, get your ass waxed like that you all on your media run talking like you hot shit, you and Wilder need to have a man to man naw slim you don’t get to talk to Wilder no more. You go through his management your hands not up to par and you don’t got no chin. I’m no longer talking about you being the man. You gone have to earn that back. Third, you take your loss like a damn man don’t you dare when it’s time to take your loss interview say it’s all about Ruiz. Naw it’s about why you got the ass whooping. This dude call himself interrupting Ruiz shine to congratulate him. FOH!!!! No nigga you wait until they done talking to him. Then let them come to you and say man how does it feel to get your ass whooped by a dude who overeat and thats when you give him his props. That was some clown type shit.

The last person and I mean the absolute last person I wanna hear from is Eddie Hearn. Full disclosure I know who he is but when he was getting an in ring interview, I was like who in the fuck is this guy. Do yall wanna know how I found out who he was? In a second fucking interview caping for Joshua again about how good a dude he is. And this is where DAZN I ask what kind of shitshow are y’all running where a promoter who clearly is representing Joshua is getting 2 interviews to plead Joshua case. Let me be clear, if I’m Ruiz I ain’t taking the rematch in UK. Y’all dudes is tripping! The whole entire classless way y’all took this loss. Y’all don’t deserve to be taken to school again. If I’m Ruiz I’m fighting Fury next for a fat boy brawl.

Lastly, when it comes to Anthony Joshua your stock has plummeted. You don’t deserve to fight Wilder, Fury, or Ortiz, or Ruiz for that matter. Go head back to the UK get your clout back up. And dont come back to the states with that bullshit again.

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