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New York State of Sports

by Trey Fraser

What’s good y’all? Hopefully everyone’s looking forward to the summer months, nicer weather, barbeques, and all that good summer love! As we come closer to a down time for sports (no offense to MLB, golf, and tennis), I’d like to highlight and give a hometown shoutout to my native New York City for a moment, because over the past month, our sports teams have irritated the New York faithful with suspect decision-making, disappointing playoff exits, and not-so-good luck.

Most folks who are fans of the podcast know I’m a Yankees and Knicks fan as far as my NY teams go. I have friends and family back home that have 2-4 teams in the city that they root for. Allow me to go through the rundown of misery New York sports fans have endured:

1) New York Mets – The first couple weeks of the MLB season looked promising for the Mets, starting the season with a 9-4 record. Since then, they’ve gone 11-19 and currently have a .500 record. So much for the early good start.

2) Brooklyn Nets – One of the best stories in the NBA season was this squad. Nobody expected the Nets to win 42 games and make the playoffs. The expectation moving forward was the Nets competing (not necessarily winning the series) against the 76ers in the first round. They beat them in Game 1 in Philly, then they ceremoniously was exited out the postseason losing 4 straight to end the season. The only excitement was Jared Dudley getting ejected from Game 4 for shoving Embiid and getting into it with Jimmy Butler.

3) New York Giants – As I’ve stated on the podcast and on social media, I wasn’t surprised that the Giants didn’t take the second best QB out of the draft in Dwayne Haskins. The Giants historically have had one black QB start a game for them, and that was damn Geno Smith in 2017. But for me, it wasn’t that they passed on Haskins for maybe a pass rusher like Josh Allen, it’s that they took a guy with the No.6 pick from Duke whom we’ve never heard of until draft day. Daniel Jones???? Really Giants???? This guy’s stats were not that great at Duke first off. And second, what happened to Drew Locke? At least I’ve heard of that guy being talked about as the 3rd best QB in the draft. This was definitely a “political” pick and not a winning football move. I swear the Manning family must have the Giants by the balls because it seems like they won’t gracefully let Eli go.

4) New York Islanders – Another great story in NY sports this year. They got Barry Trotz from the champs in DC after they wouldn’t pay him for winning the cup and elevated the Isles to a playoff berth and home ice in the 1st round. They got the better of the champs in 7 games, then got to the 2nd round against Carolina and got swept. Folks thought this team could win the cup, but those dreams got deflated mad quick.

5) New York Knicks – Let me be clear again. I’m fine with the Knicks getting the No.3 pick in this upcoming draft despite them tanking the season to get the worst record and have a chance at the No.1 pick. Obviously, I’m in the minority, because my fellow Knick fans and friends back home who are Knick fans were pissed on Lottery night. They wanted Zion, and so did I, but I knew there were two other players just as good that I wouldn’t have a problem with. Shoutout to my homie The Mayor for callin in to the show last week to express his frustrations with the Knicks being cursed and how rigged the lottery is. I’ll say this, relax! I’m good with RJ Barrett or Ja Morant.

6) New York Jets – So just as fans were trying to get over the Knicks not winning the lottery the morning after, the Jets decided to make news of their own. They fire the GM and make new coach Adam Gase the interim GM. ?????????? So the GM that hired the coach just 3 months ago gets let go just like that? Something is definitely suspect with that situation. Gase is not necessarily an all-time great. Just when you thought the Jets were removing themselves from mediocrity with the offseason moves, they remind you of who they are: a dysfunctional bunch that can’t seem to get it right. We’ll discuss further on the podcast this coming week.

Thank God for the Yankees! Even despite all the injuries to key players they’ve suffered since the start of the season, my team is in first place in the AL East. And as I put a close to this, I just gotta say, it’s been about 8 years since the last championship in New York. With 8-9 teams in the tri-state area, the city is due for a chip. As I look at my rival sports city to the north, they’ve won the World Series this past November, the Super Bowl earlier this year, and now their hockey team made the Stanley Cup Finals with a chance to get the cup. They bout to have 3 chip parades within 7 ½ months. To all the Boston sports fans (and I can’t stand y’all), if you ever come to me and complain about your teams, imma smack fire out of y’all. I don’t wanna hear it. Y’all had it so good this millennium. Cherish it while you can. You’ll never see anything like this in a lifetime again.


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