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MLB In 60

What’s happening y’all? It’s Trey Fraser back on the blog circuit.

I just realized that this is not just my first, but BSTP’s overall first blog of 2020. If you’re living under a rock, the year 2020 has been riddled with:

1) Death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and others

2) COVID-19 leading to Sports stoppage in March and school closings

3) George Floyd’s death leading to Black Lives Matter protests (which is needed)

4) Everything virtual

5) Murder hornets

6) Megan Thee Stallion getting shot

I could go on and on and on. It‘s just past the halfway point of 2020, but I won’t dive into any more negativity.

I understand that some individual sports has returned since the shutdown of the country i.e. UFC, Golf, NASCAR. But come this Thursday 7/23/20, we’re gonna start to get back some sports that we actually care about. Starting with Major League Baseball. After players and team owners beef about money, they finally got their act together and agreed upon a 60-game season. That’s right! 60 games.

I wanna leave y’all with playoff predictions for this short season, but it’s gonna be tough cause it’s only 60 games which is about 1/3 of a normal season and teams that normally suck could actually make the playoffs this year. Not only that, you got stars like David Price opting to not play because of the virus and players having to quarantine after testing positive. Then you got teams playing their division rivals and only one other division for the sake of less travel. This is going to be an interesting, yet crazy year. So my predictions will have some surprises and some that are no-brainers.

Trey’s 2020 MLB season predictions:

AL East: Yankees win division

AL Central: White Sox win division

AL West: Athletics win division

Wild Card No.1: Indians

Wild Card No.2: Rays

NL East: Phillies win division

NL Central: Brewers win division

NL West: Dodgers win division

Wild Card No.1: Braves

Wild Card No.2: Reds

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