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Mess Around And Catch A Body

Whats happening, Maestro Styles and though the weekend was busy and me and allergies was wrecking for real. I had to drop off some content for the people as my patna them Trey says. With Magic being on First Take and airing it out, to the Blazers looking like they don’t deserve to be in Conference Finals there is a lot to talk about. Make sure y’all tune into the Barbershop Sports Talk Podcast Tuesday 7pm on barbershopsportstalkpodcast.com or wherever y’all listen to podcast. But for me I will celebrate the people’s champ, heavyweight champ boxer Deontay Wilder.

First off, Deontay Wilder defeats Dominic Breazeale first round KO!! And with all this talk about investigating Wilder for saying he wants to catch a body and the way he knocked slim out. It was time for me to come out of blog hiatus and speak. So for at least a few months now, Wilder has been very vocal when the topic arises in stating that he wants to kill someone in the ring. He hasn’t backtracked my knowledge from the first time I’ve heard it on the Breakfast Club. So here are my thoughts...

I’m not sure of the history of people dying in the ring. As far as I’m concerned on a professional level it has never happened. I would think it should’ve happened by now but I don’t know that it has. I’m up for being wrong but I would imagine that boxer who killed a man in the ring would be a legend for that in the sport. We would be praising him in the likes of the greats for having done something no one else has. Not necessarily because killing is good but you gotta be a bad motherfucker to hit somebody with your fist. So with that said I can see how the Bronze Bomber would want to do that. That’s like the best form of clout ever to have in boxing. Boxers talking about I knocked so and so out, and the Bomber being like I killed so and so. Some boxers would be scared after that but only the boxers that want to achieve greatness would fight him after that. Which could be good for heavyweight boxing. With all respect due to Breazeale, he shouldn’t been in the ring it seems like. They may only need boxers ready to die for their craft to fight Wilder. Cause no bull even in my mind the loss to Fury I thought Wilder killed him for a second in the 12th. If I’m Wilder though for the sake of legacy and history making if he kills anyone it would have to be Joshua. Not wishing that on him or anybody for that matter but I’m just saying.

To the boxing commission, what are you guys investigating exactly? I mean he said what he meant very clearly he wants to kill somebody in the ring. If you gonna punish him for intent then do it and stop waisting time. But of course y’all gonna “investigate” meaning wait till he does it for y’all ratings and then try and punish him. I mean are there even legal ramifications for this? Like could it be premeditated murder? If that was the case y’all bullshitting and it goes without saying you don’t care about the people who make y’all so much money. I ask what are y’all gonna do? Act like y’all got some type of ethical morale and make a move now? Or, wait and see if this man actually kills someone in the ring and then be like he took it to far. I don’t want anyone to die let’s be clear but I’d be lying if seeing Wilder kill someone in the ring wouldn’t be crazy af!!! Not so much seeing it just the thought like “oh shit dude is dead!!” All I can say is that when Wilder lands that right flush ain’t to many people getting up, so boxing if you don’t wanna see deaths, fuck a investigation hurry up and make a move!!!

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