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Maestro Week 12 Recap

Whats going on people, Maestro Styles back with the weekly recap of week 12 of the NFL. Y’all should count on this being a weekly thing until the end of the season where me and Trey give our takeaways from the past week of the NFL. So without further ado....

Congrats Frank Gore!!!!

This last Sunday against the Broncos, Frank Gore passed the legend Barry Sanders as the 3rd leading rusher in history. Coming in the league in 3rd round in 2005, I think it goes without saying that this a tremendous achievement. This dude is by far the quietest Hall of Famer ever with 15,289 career yards, 5 Pro Bowls and just one 2nd team All Pro. All he has ever done is put his head down and run the ball. I definitely never thought about him as a Hall of Famer not say he was or wasn’t just never thought about it. But today if it isn’t clear Frank Gore is a Hall of Famer and the only two backs that have more yards than him is Walter Payton and Emmitt Smith. Legendary shit!!!!

Duck Hodges

I am ready to get the jersey, I know he ain’t good yet and I know he didn’t do much in Pittsburgh’s win Sunday over the Bengals. Hell his big play was more about the YAC of James Washington then Hodges throw realistically. But I said it against the Chargers I like this dude. I don’t know what it is about this dude. He don’t necessarily look like a franchise quarterback but he got Mason Rudolph not starting for the foreseeable future with the spark he provided in the 3rd quarter. It just goes to show you how bad the Steelers are at his position. He playing with house money so he is attacking while Rudolph looks to be in a sunken place. And long story short Hodges hasn’t been accused of calling black people niggas lol

The Real New England Patriots

If you are the one of the people that feel like the Patriots are America’s team. I would never argue with you. What I will argue is that America’s colors are no longer red, white, blue but that the flag be officially black and white stripes. The officials are officially New England Patriots more the anybody on the team excluding Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Those phantom clipping penalties is next level shit that cannot be explained as nothing but cheating. Let me be the first to say that I respect it. I don’t like when it affects my team but damn I would kill for coach Tomlin to have some refs on the payroll. I don’t even see good play from the Patriots football team anymore. All I’m looking for in their games now is the refs holding it down. I know it’s nothing new given some of the Patriots history but I think this was the last straw for me. Not even saying the Cowboys would have won but come on man please just stop being blatant with the cheating.

Redskins Fans

First off, I wanna give a shout out to safety Tavon Wilson of the Detroit Lions who is from the DMV for showing love to the Beacon House Falcons a pop warner team who was on the field at Sunday’s game, even though I still ride with Benning Terrace. But the reason for Redskins fans making this post is because I noticed something that had taken me aback if you will. So number 82 of the Lions score a touchdown, I know his last name is Thomas and goes to celebrate with the one Lions fan in close proximity. This fan is next to a Redskins fan. My thinking is when the opps is walking in your space to celebrate a score you gotta do something to let him know don’t come over here celebrating. Not nothing disrespectful but just like naw bruh go back to your sideline. What does this Skins fan do hugs this nigga with the other Lions fan. What in the $4 ticket is you doing Redskins fans???!!! This dude needs to not be on live television hugging a Lions player. This dude wasn’t Barry Sanders just some tight end and here goes you Redskins fans go tryna be down. I don’t like it and y’all need to do better as a team first but second as a fan base. But congrats on the win.

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