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Maestro’s Week 11 Recap

What’s happening, Maestro Styles of BSTP back like I left something. In a moment of transparency, y’all know we been bullshitting for a few months on content. We are working through somethings and coming out on top with some great ideas to bring more content to out platforms. Specifically, with the blog we are going to begin weekly recaps of highlights of the NFL week. Trey started last week and I’m carrying on this new found tradition with my week 11 recap. Make sure y’all tune in to our Facebook Live tonight at 8.

1. Lamar Jackson

I’ll be honest I’ve been bullshitting on saying this because I don’t like the Ravens. I’ve been saying the Texans are going to the bowl and that’s not a bad pick but being honest I’ve been feeling like the Ravens might go to the bowl since the Seattle win. Lamar Jackson is the sole reason. They’ve had a good defense for majority of there 1996 existence. We know organization philosophy wise what they wanna do. But this dude here is I hate to sound all “ESPNy” is a generation talent this dude barring injury and development could be the best QB ever fuck the best black QB. Get this dude a young number 1 receiver to grow with and sky is the limit. He is the MVP of this league after this win against the Texans go argue your mother. I just hope the bench him for week 17. 2. Mason Rudolph

Ah, the Pittsburgh Steelers!!! This is my squad but enough is a damn nuff. Mason Rudolph is not the answer at QB first off. Ben being injured is a blessing in disguise cause now we know that this dude ain’t ready and we need to be looking in the 2nd or 3rd again hoping to find a QB. But this ain’t why I’m here obviously. Mason Rudolph, I’ll be honest I can accept him being upset after the last sack and being spicy and trying to pull the helmet off in anger and all that. But after you got up and was separated to charge anybody let alone Myles Garrett holding your helmet in his hand is ridiculous. What in the white privilege was you doing??? Then your stupid ass got smacked in the head and your first response was to raise your hands in disbelief like you was tryna bait Garrett into hitting you. Come on man!!! Mason Rudolph started a fight but I would go further to say even attempted to get Garrett in trouble. Saddest thing about the situation is that Garrett bit and is now out for the year. Meanwhile, Rudolph just gets a fine it’s bullshit that black people gotta continue to be better than everybody else but never be credited for it and at the same time punished when they make a mistake and be clear whether Garrett was scared for his well being or not (which he wasn’t) him swinging that helmet was a mistake. Rudolph ass need to be suspended for at least a game but as a fan suspend him for the year I’m interested in Duck Hodges at this point anyway.

3. Colin Kapernick

The story that has taken over the sports world for obvious reasons. I think in order to really have a judgement call on this situation the question is what in the hell does Colin Kapernick want? If all he wants is to play in the NFL which I disagree with but his choice then I think you take whatever circumstance they give you and you perform. I dont think anybody based on his talent level believes that he shouldn’t have a roster spot. Anybody who believes that based on football ability I don’t respect your knowledge of the game 3 year break and all. He can play backup anywhere in this league except maybe New Orleans.

So why a workout to begin with? I get it on both sides I think it doesn’t hurt to play the what if he can’t throw game as a formality for the league since nobody wanted to invite him to a workout that’s cool. And Kapernick should wanna have video evidence of what he can do not only for us to see but if he decides to sue again the video can play as evidence that he is at least capable and possibly being blackballed. As far as the NDA goes we can’t speak on it because we don’t know what is say. I understand what it should say logically based on the stories reported but flat out we don’t know what it says. I even believe that it may say something that doesn’t allow him to speak on collusion and certain things but I don’t know so it’s speculation. If Kapernick believes he’s been blackballed why wouldn’t he want somebody outside of the NFL to film his workout. Deeper than that, why wouldn’t he throw a monkey wrench in the plans to ensure his people get in and the NFL don’t be on some sneaky shit. I can see it from both angles why Kap went about it the way he did. Now time will tell if he was right in his actions. The way I see it if niggas that hit women can get a job the Kap should be able to get a job. Unless owners find protesting social injustice more egregious than hitting women. IJS 🤷🏾‍♂️

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