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Maestro's 1st Quarter Recap

What's good people? Maestro Styles of BSTP and amidst frustration with fighting with the internet trying to find a way to watch the Steelers first decisive victory, I thought to myself this would be a good time to write about highlights of the first quarter of the 2018 NFL season. I'll leave Power Rankings to Trey, who by the way the Ravens are struggling with the Browns today.

Patrick Mahomes Era

So its been said that this dude in a workout as a rookie last year, from his own 20 yard line threw a pass into the end zone. Told scouts that if drafted he could throw a Hail Mary off a touchback. If that aint some boss shit I just don't know what is. Obviously, he's drafted by the Chiefs and sits under Alex Smith. Alex Smith has a great 1st quarter and overall a good season, but I think anybody who watches Chiefs football a little would agree that as good as Smith was nobody thought he was gonna get them to the bowl. Enter Mahomes and this cat looks like the real deal. NFL record for touchdowns in first 4 games, don't think he's thrown and INT (well threw 2 in game 5 against Jags today). This dude throwing across his body crisp and accurate, even throwing with his non throwing hand eluding pass rush. He has a blowout performance and a comeback performance in this first 4 games alone. You'd be lying if you said you weren't worried about this dude if your team playing him. It's early but it looks like he is gonna be an all time type QB. But its only 4 games.

Baker Mayfield

Number 1 draft pick for the Browns, here we go again right? I'll be honest I'm not high on Mayfield being the Browns salvation. I think he is small, definitely accurate but small and the Browns are making a lot of high draft picks but I just wonder if it will ever come together. What I will say is when Baker came out onto the field against the Jets after another unsatisfactory performance from Tyrod Taylor it felt different. I think anybody who watched that game saw a young boy who had the ability to be good. Young weapons on offense and defense it just looks like the future might be bright but you know what its still the Cleveland Browns.

Roughing The Passer

In an attempt to "protect the QB", the NFL has managed to make a rule maybe even more confusing than the Calvin Johnson/Dez Bryant catch rule. Clay Matthews being the most affected by this rule and in my opinion the Steelers coming in close second. I think its safe to say that in an effort to keep QBs clean, defense players don't know what to do and quite frankly fuck trying to learn a new technique when y'all don't even know what roughing the passer is and what it isn't. Besides with RPO's being ran more and more QBs gonna have to get hit period.

LA Rams 4-0

It's seeming like early nobody is in this team's league. This offense is clicking to say the least, the defense is efficient and I think when Talib and Peters get fully healthy and play together its gonna be a problem. I haven't watched them close enough to know about a weakness. But watching them it just seems like early. This team is kicking ass and taking names.

Jon Gruden Stoopid!!

10 year contract, $100 mil lock up your QB and let your best player go. For all intents and purposes you supposed to lock up Derek Carr no problem in that. But, now you saying you couldn't find money for Khalil Mack, defensive player of the year all pro Khalil Mack? You stupid!! Every loss in my mind is because you didn't keep this guy on your team. I don't wanna look at no games every loss is because Mack is a Bear and bout to win defensive player of the year over there and possibly get them in the playoffs. And you know it. Aint enough Monday Morning Quarterback gonna ever let me forget this move that in my mind might be your legacy. I mean for me it even makes me look at your Super Bowl win different as you inherited Dungy defense and got your former Raiders where its not far fetched that you knew the playbook. Naw brah!!! You some cut!!!

Plays of the Quarter and Honorable Mentions

Eric Reid was picked up by the Carolina Panthers and in his first game back, he still kneeling along with Albert Wilson and Kenny Stills. They haven't took are rights totally yet. Not sure if Keelan Cole will ever be mentioned for anything else this year but, I don't think anybody is gonna have a better catch than he had against the Patriots. While we speaking Patriots, Miami fans should slow down with the winning the division talk. Nothing y'all are doing on the field really makes ya'll believe that y'all are better than the Pats and to add injury to insult they waxed y'all so aint nothing changed. #sorrynotsorry Lastly, the best play of the 1st quarter of the season. Drumroll please!!! Bitch you guessed it Woo! Vance McDonald sending safety Chris Conty to IR with the stiff arm. I mean what else you need from me, even though the Steelers are playing inconsistent football to say the least one thing is for certain we gets highlights!!!

What moments from the 1st quarter did I miss? Leave your comments or hit me on Twitter @maestrostyles

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