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Little Brothers On The Rise

Trey Fraser back with another one. Still living in the moment with all the NBA free agency moves and the impacts it will have on the league next season. And with the big move of the weekend that has everyone buzzed, both the Clippers and the Nets, two franchises in which they’re labeled as the little brother or the second team in their respective markets/cities, have made the most noise in free agency.

Something that my brother Maestro said on the podcast this past Tuesday (7pm EST every Tuesday on www.barbershopsportstalkpodcast.com) had me inspired to put this blog post together. And that was when we were discussing the Knicks missing out on KD and Kyrie to the Brooklyn Nets. He said that Knicks fans including myself should be bothered by the fact that they chose the Nets over the Knicks in the same metropolis, and continued to say the same would apply if the Clippers had traded for AD instead of the Lakers, the Lakers fans would be bothered by it.

I’ll reiterate my stance on this: as a Knicks fan, I’m fine with both KD and Kyrie in black and white vs orange and blue. I don’t have any hatred for the Nets, and it’s mostly because in the amount of time i’ve rooted for the Knicks since the early ‘90s, the Nets were never a threat when the Knicks were making all those playoff runs. By the time the Nets got good in the early 2000s, the Knicks were at the beginning of being terrible, so it’s not like both teams have had their battles for Eastern Conference supremacy over the years. And the same thing can be said for both the Lakers and Clippers. No playoff history between the two teams. But as I briefly stated on the podcast, something is different between how fans react between both teams in LA and both teams in NYC.

So when someone like Snoop Dogg comes out and says, “hell no! The Clippers ain‘t gettin no Kawhi, the Lakers are”, I sense an arrogance in him and that statement. And rightfully so if other Lakers fans carry this same arrogance. All the Lakers have done is historically win 17 titles and have generated Hall of Famer after Hall of Famer. And the Clippers over that span have arguably become one of if not the worst sports franchises in the history of sports. No conference championship round appearance, no titles, very little success. Bottom line: the gap between the Lakers and Clippers are so far and distant that Lakers fans, even with the most recent dysfunction, expect to be great all the time and expect the Clippers to be horrific all the time.

And if we‘re putting the barometer set on arrogance of fans, Knicks fans since 1974 have absolutely nothing to be arrogant about, and that includes myself. An argument can be made that the Knicks and Nets have had similar success without the titles over the years. No title for the Knicks since ‘73 and no title for the Nets since the ABA in ‘74 and ‘76. The gap isn’t far between to the two in terms of success level, and quite frankly, the Knicks can’t touch the Lakers‘ success level, thus probably why I feel the way I feel. The Nets deserve credit for bringing KD and Kyrie on board. Too bad they’re not getting enough credit for it through the media because they can’t get enough of banging on the Knicks good and bad whenever the opportunity presents itself.

In essence, both ”little brothers“ are different. Nets have been in the Finals a couple times, Clippers haven’t been to the conference title round.

Whether or not one day the Nets and Clippers end up in the Finals against each other at some point, the power moves made this offseason by these “little brothers” are good for the league and provides some intrigue.

At the end of the day one thing remains.

The Knicks and Nets have had their highs and lows over the years.

The Lakers have had a lot of highs and the Clippers have had a lot of lows.

That‘s the difference.


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