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It Was A Rollout

What’s happening y’all!! Maestro Styles here BSTP with another quick 1,2. I’m gonna be busy because I think I gotta write at least another blog before the week is out and with the way news is happening right now. We gonna have smoke for Robert Littal and BSO lol.

First things first, congrats to Le’Veon Bell on the contract. I haven’t seen what the guaranteed money is yet but I hope it’s what he wanted and he didn’t settle. This would be a whole different convo if he didn’t get the guaranteed bag. But nonetheless here we are, and I finally get it. So I woke up and saw that Bell signed the deal and on the his IG the caption says “Life’s A Gamble” out on all platforms. I was confused for literally a second and then went to my DSP that I don’t pay for (Thanks Pops) to see what this was and it’s an album. Thats right an album.

So as I’m writing this blog and uploading video from last night’s show I am listening to Bell’s new album and I’m thinking these first few songs ain’t too bad one and two this dude was putting this together all last year. Instead of playing football last year this dude was marketing his new project for it to drop when he got his new money. Ladies and gentlemen, this guy is a genius. And let me be clear, I’m not saying I’m a fan of his music quite yet but what I will say is this young nigga is living his lyrics. I say again he living his lyrics and that’s a damn good start. You gotta respect a dude that told you what was gonna happen, it happen even though everybody called him crazy and then he rapping about it the second the deal go through. We are low key experiencing a moment in black history right now where we are setting our terms and getting them. I pray more of us take examples like this and AB recently and make a plan then execute in the midst of the haters then flex on everybody that ever doubted. Truth be told I thought he was crazy in the beginning but I’m happy for that young boy. Get the bag!!! But, if I’m being honest as a Steelers fan I don’t want you to win NO rings not at the Steelers expense. You nor AB but it’s love though!!

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