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Happy Holidays from the Barbershop Sports Talk Podcast, this Maestro and I hate that on

the holidays I feel the need to do such a post. I hope you all have enjoyed the holidays so far and getting to spend time with the family. I also hope you sneaking a little rest in to start the year off right. And when you see Trey on Twitter @barbershopspor2 be sure to let home know that he owes y’all some content on here.

This has been on my mind and I’m still undecided but it might be time for the Steelers to go in a different direction. And if I’m being honest the only thing that would shoot Mike Tomlin some bail in my mind is a Super Bowl this year which I won’t hold my breath for or next year and we‘ll see about that. I don’t wanna feel this way let’s be clear. I want Tomlin to be a 25 year coach for the Steelers but not at the detriment of the team winning Bowls. Tomlin is a good coach my kind of coach, the only reason I’m starting to lean towards this decision simply put is RESULTS!!! For me and many Steelers fans he is most certainly putting entertaining product on the field. We are consistently hanging at the edge of our seats and popular fan belief is that if we get our shit together we can beat any team any given Sunday. But personally I’m tired of this Super Bowl drought and I’m concerned that Tomlin can’t coach us there with the talent we have and simply that’s not good enough for Steeler Nation.

I hope I’m wrong y’all!!! I have never wanted to be more wrong in my life. Tomlin has won the most games in his tenure behind Belichick and everybody got there reasons why all I can focus on is the results. I don’t even care as much about the record against subpar teams because in lieu of that we still one of the better teams in the league for me this has not resulted into more rings. I love Tomlin approach towards the game, his players, evaluating talent on the field, I even enjoy the go with your gut approach even though it hasn’t panned out recently. In my mind every player issue he‘s had to deal with he’s dealt with profesionally. It’s boring how well he deals with media even when he knows he’s made a mistake on the field. Players respect that man because he treats his players like men and I don’t know how anybody can be mad at that.

But here we are in 2018, hoping Baker Mayfield can beat the Ravens and playing for our playoff lives in week 17 in a season where all I can hear Tomlin saying is this is a growing process. My thing is if we not learning fast enough to make the playoffs then maybe the teachers are the problem. We are young and not enough of our draft picks are hitting and of course some of that has to do with players but some of it is also coaching. If it’s bad picks, bad development, or bad execution I’m not sure but I know that I expected our defense to be better by now. It’s just not!!! We still make defensive and special teams errors that can really only be blamed on proper education of situational football. I would look past it if we were had won a bowl since the last Ravens bowl but we haven’t. And with Ben on his last years I think we need somebody that’s better at developing young talent. I hope that I’m wrong but something tells me that I’m not.

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