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Fuck It Bron Super Team Time

Man, what's good people? Maestro Styles of the soon to be world renewed Barbershop Sports Talk Podcast. This is my first post since we launched the website, Trey and myself need to make posting a competition in order to kick out more post I think. Ya'll know I'm sitting watching game 2 of the finals and the Warriors blowing out the Cavs and you know what I'm sick of this SHIT!!! KD left OKC to play with the best team in the league and I'm watching him score damn near 30 on less than 15 attempts. Curry just throwing the ball from anywhere, Klay doing what he do, Draymond and its like damn. Even the bench is just looks better than some Cavs' starters (JR Smith).

I just don't like the fact that the league's best player, the player who so often gets the Jordan comparison though not they not same player has to continue to deal with this bullshit. I never been a big LeBron fan I just respect as the best and now I find myself rooting for him more and more. Not because of his greatness but because his greatness don't mean a damn thing because his rosters are so garbage. I mean come on, you would think JR after game 1 would come out and give you something. Love wasn't bad he balled so he gets a pass for this post. Anybody who ever thought Korver was ever gonna be a factor, not yet. All these pickups mid season, where are they? Bron's damn eye is bleeding Cavs I mean come on. This is too much!! I'm tired for LeBron cause game 3 is in Cleveland and the "role" players will play better but won't be enough to win. LeBron is underachieving and its not his fault no matter how well he play it is just not enough. He should easily have the single game assist record in the playoffs. He not Jordan!!! But if this don't get better can he even be Magic?? or Kobe??? Most of us think he's better but in a game of titles, MVPs, and highlight moments I don't know if Bron is gonna get his proper respect because of the ineptitude of players like Tristan Thompson, Kyle Korver, Larry Nance, Rodney Hood and most of all JR Smith.

So you know what??? FUCK IT!!!!! LeBron if you thinking about it, STOP!!!!!! Leave go to Houston. You deserve the talent around you man. This is a plea for greatness to be recognized for the star you are. We need a real reason to compare you to Jordan everybody wanna compare you to the best because you are that good but damnit this squad and organization seems like they don't want it to happen for you. You got them there title and this how they repay you? You know the owner don't really like you anyway. Stack your paper and buy the Cavs when its time and bring your city titles that way. Cause this way my brother aint working. Run with the MVP James Harden who want a ring, your kids godfather CP3 need a ring man. Get Melo tell his ass to come off the bench for less money you the only one that can reach him. Just visualize this my black brother, role model, the player my kids gonna look up to if they get into basketball (I got girls) You, Harden, CP3, Melo, Capela. I mean damn rings until you retire homie. I want this for you Bron you deserve the rings.

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