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Destroy and Rebuild!!!

Welp, Whats good people!!! Maestro Styles of BSTP. First off, Happy New Years and let me wish everybody a healthy, wealthy and prosperous year. And now for the shits!!!

So, apparently AB got into it with Ben Rothisberger last Wednesday and it got heated. In fact, it got so heated that AB “hurt” his knee and didn’t practice. AB hasn’t been to any meetings since Saturday. Obviously he didn’t play Sunday in the Steelers finale against the Bengals and now here come all the stories about what really happened. To add injury to insult here come analyst and commentators with their opinions and experiences with AB. This spat between Ben and AB happened Wednesday and players are saying Tomlin hasn’t talked to AB about it yet.

There are a lot of details involved that I’m not about to get into right now. But I’ll tell you this AB is the best receiver in the game in my opinion Hopkins is creeping though. But there is a time in life where you might just gotta cut ties. It’s no secret that Ben and AB haven’t been on the same page all year. In a season where Ben has career numbers and has thrown the ball all over the field you would think AB would have career numbers as well. He hasn’t finished with bad numbers at all but there are clearly some issues in their dynamic. We forgot about the WiFi comments earlier this year because we started winning. We forget about AB sideline meltdown, and now he bromancing with Kittles from San Fran on Twitter.

What says Maestro? Find a way to deal him!!! Take the loss!!!! Get what you can. AB is caliber and much like Le’Veon you not gonna replace what he brings to the field but it’s the way you move man. Grown men can argue at work and disagree when they both walk away but you still gotta clock in for work if that’s what y’all job is. And guess what for all the disagreements AB and Ben have if Ben leave who coming in and targeting AB blatantly like Ben has. At least 3 INTs is Ben just saying “AB I’m throwing in your area make a play” if Ben retires first I still done see AB being happy with Dobbs or Rudolph and are we bringing in a QB? probably not.

I think the sad reality is, due to losses to subpar teams, coaching decisions, lack of player development on defense, bad draft picks, etc. The Steelers have missed a window where we have a talented enough team to win some Bowls and we didn’t. Coach included there is nothing in my mind as far as changes that’s off the table for the right situation. The dark days of Steeler football may have just arrived. 😩

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