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DC Finally Got A Chip

What up y'all. It's Trey Fraser here in tha house. Back on this blog as I'm trying to be consistent.

Before tomorrow's episode, I wanted to shoutout the Washington Capitals and the DC fans for the first sports title in DC in 26 years and finally breaking the DC Sports Curse. As many of you know, coming from being born and raised in NYC, I've lived in the Maryland area between DC and Baltimore for 17 years. And while Maestro is more qualified as a DC native than me to discuss this, screw it! I've been here long enough to have seen all the ugly in DC sports. From bad ownership by Dan Snyder, to the Wizards trading 60% of the starting lineup that won a title with the Pistons in '04, to the Gilbert Arenas/Javaris Crittenton gun in the locker room incident, to the Nationals' mishandling of Steven Strasburg before blowing a playoff series in their first postseason appreance, to the Capitals choking in the second round, to the Nationals choking in every NLDS appearance, to the failed RG3 experiment with the Redskins. It's enough to put together a 30-for-30 documentary on ESPN.

All those things combined contributed to the DC Sports Curse. In addition, my definition of the DC Sports Curse was that these 4 teams combined in the previous 20 years hadn't been in the conference/league finals of their respective sport. That was a drought that seemed unheard of for a city with all 4 professional sports franchises.

And then something happened a month ago. The Capitals, who've been the more consistent franchise of the four in terms of consistent regular season winning and postseason experiences, finally took down their nemesis in the Pittsburgh Penguins and they broke the drought of 20 years without a conference title appearance for a DC team. But unfortunately, there was another drought to break: 26 years without a championship for a DC team. But the Caps prevailed, taking down Tampa in 7 games after being down 3-2 in the series, and then taking down the upstart Cinderella Vegas Knights in 5 games after losing game 1 in Vegas.

The city was lit, Chinatown area near the arena and all, downtown DC was ready to grease the street poles as a celebration was poppin off on F Street. All they needed was some Chuck Brown playing in the streets and it would've been special.

As I stated to Maestro when these playoffs started: if the Astros can win their first ever World Series and the Eagles can win their first ever Super Bowl, why not the Capitals win their first ever Stanley Cup? I had sensed a trend happening, and I was right!!

Congrats Caps and shoutouts to the DC fans that deserve all of this!!


Trey Fraser

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