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And WBA goes too.....

Whats good y’all!!! Maestro Styles of BSTP and I got a minute. To start the first annual WBAs which is an award that I would like to introduce when white people get to acting crazy. Let me be clear this is for when white people may need there ass whipped. This is not for like little ignorant things that dont agree with culture, this is for hateful rhetoric, racism, shit like that (insert Don Demarco tag). This is something I haven’t even introduced to Trey yet but I’m sure he rolling.

With that being said, I would like to present the first WBA to Shane Keisel (insert 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾). Shane Keisel was at the Jazz/Thunder game and told Westbrook “to get on his knees like use to”. Aye man, I don’t know who in the entire fuck slim was talking to but I wish Westbrook would’ve mopped his dumb ass. But because he gotta be responsible and keep his job and shit he gotta get criticized in the media for his response. If anything he should be getting criticized for how violently he beat Keisel ass and that would be a valid ass whooping. But since thats the way Westbrook dealt with it and I support that. If y’all would, please allow me on my platform to highlight Shane Keisel in case him or a supporter of his or his kind you fucking piece of white bread!!!!

I might call this award the Shane’s because he the first to make me pass out awards. But from us here at BSTP, Westbrook, and the community of people that ain’t with that bullshit. You can kiss my ass, you fucking piece of white bread!!! 2 times!!! And anybody else that’s riding with you. In the great possible ghostwritten words of Drake “you don’t fuck with us then we don’t fuck with y’all it’s no different over on this side, got damn”

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