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AB to the Raiders

So here we are y’all!! Maestro Styles of BSTP with a very necessary post. Of course we gonna y’all about this on the podcast Tuesday (7pm on barbershopsportstalkpodcast.com) but in the interest of content on this blog tab. You know I gotta put my little 1,2 on it. A lot of the conversation in AB being traded to the Raiders is who won. And in case you not sure who won and why, Allow me to break it down for you.

So the Steelers trading Antonio Brown the best receiver in the game for about 6 years for a 3rd and a 5th 🤔. I think it’s a far gone conclusion that AB needed to be traded after last season’s antics. This has been a slow burn to this point but if for some reason the Steelers started losing you might have seen this coming along with a host of other Steelers issues that reared it’s ugly head. This is top receiver 101 and I think the first thing to point out is the Steelers have never had a top 3 receiver ever. Hines Ward was the closest in production and Santonio Holmes the closest in potential in my opinion, and lets not forget about Plaxico Burress. This could’ve been resolved easily in my book but it’s the tale of who’s making who better. The Steelers historically believe the QB makes the WR better and not the other way around. Even with this future HOF receiver who has been literally the best at his position its clear they believe AB production is more about Ben then AB. It’s a code the Steelers go by and not a bad code just maybe a bad code I’m this situation. Extending Ben at 37 and trading AB at 30 meanwhile taking the biggest cap hit in NFL history should tell you where they at with it. We (as I am a Steelers fan) are always gonna take the franchise QB over the franchise WR.

Antonio Brown and Drew Rosenhaus should be celebrated for making this happen and will be celebrated if the Raiders pull something crazy like win the AFC West or win a playoff game. AB while not the most professional about it, had an issue with his team came to a conclusion that it couldn’t be worked out and not only got his bag for being the best but then left the former team who decided not to pay him his worth looking financially crazy (At least to us folk who don’t know how the dollars circulate). This is a man who went out and balled got his stock up and cashed out to a team that has his worth and has draft picks to improve. I’ll be clear I still don’t agree with Gruden trading Khalil Mack but if it turns into something crazy in this draft that has them in the playoffs deep in 2 years. I would have to walk back a year of calling him stupid. I’m not high on Derek Carr but with AB I can see this dude stepping up in the ranks to a top 10 dude that’s how good AB is. In my mind AB just LeBron’d the NFL with a blonde mustache and blue dreads and as stupid as it looks i gotta give him props 👏🏾👏🏾

The Steelers are an integrity organization. They are still even after this move that is not the best business move. They stick with the program and they don’t waiver. This was the perfect time to just say you know AB you are the best player on our team and the best at your position in the league and we are gonna pay you as such. Not just all the perks like you can come to camp in a helicopter and don’t have to stay with the team we will just pay you your worth and figure the rest out. But they didn’t they rocked with their quarterback like they’ve done since he’s been here. They believe when you have a franchise QB you keep him happy above anything else. They don’t know when the next franchise guy is coming and Ben Rothelisberger for better or worse is playing top 10 even with the flop games he had last year. He will retire a Steeler I just hope he is objective enough to know when it’s time to go or the Steelers quietly push him out when it’s time without any media headlines.

I gotta give this W to AB. While I hate that he didn’t retire a Steeler he deserves to be paid and truthfully damn sure didn’t need to be called out by Ben of all people given his up and down season of INTs and inaccuracy. Ben like JuJu cause he’s tall so when Ben throws inaccurately high in off games he don’t look so crazy. He now has a tall #1 and at the tail end of his career it seems that better be production wise what gets him in that top 5 of QBs. Steelers fans want a Super Bowl and all this offensive drama and the problem has been the defense particularly secondary is counter productive to say the least.


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